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See the World through the eyes of a Missionary!

All women and young ladies are encouraged to come and hear how the Lord is working around the world through  missionary women.  Visit the Ladies Missionary Seminar event page for more information.

Sound Bible teaching, Smiles and Snow (very little) at January Jubilee!

We rejoice in the great group of young people that came out for a weekend of fun, fellowship and Bible lessons.  Pray for our future generation that their faith would be strengthened and they would be a good testimony for the Lord.

Pray for Winter Congress attendees!

Pray for the preaching of God’s Word and for the Christian fellowship to have a positive impact on the lives of those who attended the Winter Youth Congress Retreat.

Pray for the Lord to finish His work in the lives of the girls leaving camp

Today marks the end of three weeks of camp for girls ages 8-15.  Please continue to pray for the hundreds of girls who have heard the Word of God, had spiritual conversations, and memorable activities.  We pray that the Great Shepherd, Who laid down their life for them, would finish that which He began in them for His name’s sake!

Two projects completed and privately funded!

We thank God for the many volunteers and donors who dedicated their time and resources to complete two projects.  Several dear saints donated money and time so that the Motel could be wrapped with a humidity barrier and re-sided with new vinyl siding.  We have been struggling with ways to keep the humidity out of the Motel Rooms.  We hope and pray that this will help.  All costs were covered by individuals/churches who were specifically burdened to help resolve this problem.

The Chatterbox has been remodeled!  We think you’ll love the fresh, new look and new menu.  Several folks spent countless hours on this project and, once again, the Lord has provided the money through specific individuals who were burdened to assist with this project.

To God by all the glory!  Greenwood is not in a position to undertake projects like this on its own, so we are thankful when the Lord’s people provide their time and their treasure!  God bless.

The Lord provided a willing servant for help with maintenance this summer

We welcome Sam Wolf as our summer maintenance staff member. Sam has faithfully served GWH in the kitchen for many summers and now will be joining us full-time for the summer season on maintenance.  Please pray for Sam and the rest of the staff.