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Boys Camps 2021

We’re very thankful that we were able to have onsite camps this summer, and our two weeks of boys camps were greatly blessed by the Lord.

Boys Camp

During the first week, 81 boys attended a great week full of activities, games, excellent ministry, singing, and of course, fantastic food and snacks! None of this would have been possible without the awesome staff that gave their time and energy to serve in many ways, from counseling and teaching to working in the craft cave and serving meals. The Lord gave great weather (it only rained once, for about half an hour, and didn’t disrupt the schedule), and the camp took full advantage of that with a packed schedule.

The theme of the teaching was an overview of redemption through the Bible. To help convey this message, one of the staffers created the graphic below.

Each day, the campers heard about one of the letters in this acronym. They learned how creation reveals who God is, and after humanity rebelled, He promised a Redeemer. Through the rest of the Old Testament, they saw how there is a consistent thread of one family tree, fulfilling the promise of the Messiah who would come through Abraham and David, as shown in the genealogy in Matthew 1. Then they learned of the Savior, Jesus Christ, who fulfilled all the promises and made redeption possible, and how we are now responsible for spreading this message of good news.

One of the counselors also composed original songs to help the campers learn the memory verses:

Another counselor put together a brief slideshow with some pictures from the week:

Challenge Week

Thirty-six boys attended Challenge Week, where they studied the book of Nehemiah, focusing on Nehemiah’s godly example of prayer and faithfulness, along with diligence, dedication, devotion, and dependence on God. Each year, Challenge Week undertakes a project, and this year that consisted of building a retaining wall next to the basketball court.

They also took a trip to Antrim Township Community Park for an afternoon of lunch, ministry, disc golf, and swimming. It was a great week of mental, physical, and spiritual growth, as campers conquered the challenges presented through the week.

Here’s a slideshow from the week:

Summit Week

We had a great time of fellowship and Bible study at Summit Week 2021 – make sure to put it on your calendar for next year! We enjoyed hearing from Jim McCarthy on the Vindication of God, Jabe Nicholson on the Simplicity of Sanctification, and Dan Weaver and Craig Shakarji on such topics as Giving, the Lord’s Supper, and others.

Attendees also enjoyed an outing to Tree Trekkers, a nearby ropes course, as well as many games and activities on the grounds at Greenwood. Check out a slideshow of some of the photos from the week:

Spring Work Day

Many saints showed up on May 15 to take part in projects around the grounds and get Greenwood ready for another summer – we’re very thankful for all the willing servants who joined the work!

Enjoy seeing photos of some of the projects!

GWH Board Update (April 2021)

We are thankful that, with the Lord’s help, we had our first on-site event of the year (twenty-two couples at the Couples Retreat plus about thirty on-line). Encouraged from the Couples Retreat, we are looking forward to Jubilee 2.0 this weekend. Not only that but summer is on the horizon and Memorial Day Weekend conference is only four weeks away! We hope to see you there! Summit Week for singles 16 and older and Alive for 10-16 year olds are shaping up. Girls and Boys Camp registrations are open. 

May we see our Father’s good hand of blessing in the months ahead. Perhaps the Lord would have you:

Various volunteer projects are planned for the month ahead including:

  • A young sister rallying saints to help with clean up of the cabins to be ready for summer
  • A crew of young saints renovating the ballfield house
  • Various volunteers helping with landscaping
  • A contractor renovating cottage 10 with donated funds
  • One assembly purchasing new pool filters, with another group of saints installing them
  • Saints from an assembly coming for a few days to retrofit the tennis and shuffleboard courts and finish/seal the swings and ga-ga court, among other things
  • Saints from another assembly coming to paint
  • A brother capable in plumbing improving sinks
  • Saints organizing and improving the activities storage areas

The quarterly financial report is available on our website at the bottom of the serve and give page. We are thankful for the Lord’s help with finances during this time.

Health and Safety Update

Since 1931, Greenwood Hills has been “a great place to grow on vacation.”  The Health and Safety Committee’s mission is to provide a camp experience that prioritizes Christ’s preeminence and solid biblical teaching while promoting a healthy environment.

We have and will continue to develop recommendations for daily operations with regard to the health and safety of our guests.  We ask that each guest attend with the understanding that certain precautions will be established and that each must weigh their own risk tolerance in attendance of any camp or conference this summer.

We understand that there will be no perfect solutions that address every individual’s concern, even as we increase our standards of cleaning procedures and take appropriate steps to promote health and safety. The reality of a successful camp season depends on each of us taking reasonable steps to minimize the spread of any illness in a camp setting.  

We will communicate details at the beginning of each event and appreciate your understanding as guidelines are subject to change throughout the summer as needed.

Thank you, in advance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

GWH Board Update (March 2021)

We are thankful for good progress in many ways, including…

Want to put your hands to work?

Can you help with food, housekeeping, or facilities maintenance during an event this year? Contact us at, or fill out the servant application at

YouTube Channel

Check out our new YouTube page – make sure to subscribe and hit the bell! We have uploaded teaching and gospel messages from this past summer’s Unstoppable program, as well as testimonies from board members and others. Share these videos with others who may be encouraged by them as well!

Water Slide

The water slide has been a popular addition to the pool area and has attracted riders from young to the young at heart!

Sand Volleyball

While we continue to wait on the Lord’s direction and funding for a new rec hall, we are currently enjoying a sand volleyball court which has attracted quite a crowd this past Labor Day Weekend. We look forward to many more exciting times at the Sand Volleyball Court.