Current Needs

Learn more about needs at Greenwood Hills by clicking on specific categories below. You can donate toward any of these projects using the link below to Donorbox.

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Construction Projects

Build a Rec Hall Building

GWH would benefit greatly from an indoor space that would be able to be used for sports, fellowship and other fun. Your gift can help in gathering the funds to build such a place!

Total Needed: $900,000

Suggested Donation: $1,000

New Playground Equipment

GWH is blessed with many families and children who attend regularly! Your gift can allow for updates to be made for more fun to be had!

Total Needed: $20,000

Suggested Donation: $500

Grounds Maintenance Projects

Tool and Equipment Upkeep

Tractors, mowers and other equipment all need to have continual maintenance performed to be used; Your gift allows these items to be in great condition and ready for use!

Suggested Donation: $100

Painting Projects

There is always painting to be done at GWH! Your gift can help keep the painting supplies stocked!

Suggested Donation: $25

General Hardware for Projects and Facilities

Screws, nuts, tape, extension cords, etc. all cost money; Your gift supports the nuts and bolts of GWH!

Suggested Donation: $25

Landscaping Projects

Mulch, flowers, and other lawncare items are all part of what makes GWH beautiful! Your gift allows these landscaping projects to take place without the burden of cost to GWH.

Suggested Donation: $100

Outdoor Furniture

We all enjoy sitting at the picnic tables, benches or on the rocking chairs and fellowshipping together. Your gift allows for these items to be replaced as needed!

Suggested Donation: $100

Sports Equipment

Playing sports together at GWH is a favorite of many! Your gift will help provide new sports equipment as needed.

Suggested Donation: $100

Sports Maintenance

Playing sports together at GWH is a favorite of many! Your gift will help keep courts and fields in good condition.

Suggested Donation: $100

Road Maintenance

The roads at GWH are used heavily and in need of repair. Your gift here would allow for the work needed to be done!

Total Needed: $200,000

Suggested Donation: $1,000

Seasonal Projects

Opening the Pool for the Summer

Everyone loves the pool and slide at GWH! Your gift helps to make that possible!

Total Needed: $30,000

Suggested Donation: $1,000

Pool Maintenance and Chemicals

Keeping the pool clean and running properly takes many chemicals and equipment; your gift will go towards those costs for the Summer!

Total Needed: $500

Suggested Donation: $100

Opening the Cabins for the Summer

Every Summer the family cabins and the camp cabins needs to be opened from being closed for the winter months. Your gift here allows for the word and general upkeep to be done during the project.

Total Needed: $1000

Suggested Donation: $100