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Memorial Day Conference

Speaker(s): Adults: TBA | Children: TBA

If you love our Labor Day Conference, you won’t want to miss this holiday weekend Bible conference. Come join us for a great kickoff to the summer!

Start your summer with the Memorial Day Conference at Greenwood! This long weekend is a fantastic time of fellowship, beneficial Bible teaching and a missions minded focus. Enjoy fellowship with other believers and get an opportunity to meet missionaries from all over the world. The conference offers Bible teaching sessions for children and adults as well as activities around the grounds of GWH.

Who?  Everyone–Families. Singles. Couples. All ages.

What?  Come hear sound Bible teaching for adults and children.  Enjoy fellowship with other believers and get the opportunity to meet and fellowship with missionaries from around the world!

When? Friday, May 27 – Monday, May 30

Program Director: Justin Joseph

Event Lead: Dan Weaver

Summit Week

Speaker(s): TBA

Summit Week is a week of high quality training for young adults who seek to be better equipped for service and leadership in the Lord’s work. 

Who?  Young adults ages 16-35 who have never been married

What?  A week of excellent Bible teaching and practical training, combined with fun and fellowship with other young people

When?  Beginning Friday, June 24, 2022

Cost?  TBA




Summit Week will begin on Friday evening, June 24, with registration in the Inn lobby. If possible, please arrive at the Inn between 7:00 and 8:30 pm, since the front desk will be staffed during this time. We understand that this may be difficult for those traveling long distances, however, so in that case there will be other opportunities to check in.

The program ends after breakfast the following Friday, July 1, with a mid-morning departure.

Program Director: Craig Shakarji

Board Representative: Dan Weaver

August Bible Conference

Speaker(s): Adults: Gary McBride | Children: TBA

Providing a spiritually profitable time for families, couples, youth, and single adults, filled with sound Biblical teaching, Christian fellowship and Gospel messages.

Who?  Families, couples, youth, single adults, seniors, and you!

What?  Time to relax, and enjoy Christian fellowship.  Bible teaching and gospel messages geared for adults and separately for children.

When?  Saturday, August 6 – Saturday, August 13, 2022

Program Director: Mike Anderson

Event Lead: Bruce Hulshizer

Speaker: Gary McBride


The conference will begin on Saturday evening, August 6, and will conclude on Saturday morning, August 13, with a message and brunch.

Labor Day Conference

Speaker(s): Joe Reese

Ending the summer with a spiritually profitable time for families, couples, and young people by providing sound Biblical teaching, Christian fellowship and the Gospel message.

Register Early! Accommodations are limited!

Who?  Families, couples, youth, single adults, seniors, and you!

What?  Relax and enjoy Christian fellowship, Bible teaching and gospel messages, and a wide range of activities for all ages.

When? Friday, September 2 – Monday, September 5, 2022

Program Director: Brian Patrick
Event Lead: Tim B


The conference will begin on Friday evening, September 2, and will conclude on Monday morning, September 5, with a message and brunch.

Shepherding Conference

Speaker(s): TBA

Encouraging, instructing, and challenging Christian brethren who have an interest in the health and growth of the Lord’s people and His church.

The purpose of the Shepherding Conference is to provide help to men who are currently serving as shepherds and also to encourage younger men in the work of shepherding.
We are inviting elders and men of all ages who have a concern for God’s work in the local assembly to come for the Shepherding Conference at Greenwood Hills.

Speakers:  TBA
Theme:  TBA
When? Friday, September 23 – Saturday, September 24, 2022
Who?  Men who are currently serving as shepherds in the local assembly and any brothers who are concerned about the care of the local assembly
What?  Join us as we study together the preparation of a shepherd and his work, pray together and fellowship together
Cost:  TBA
Program Director:  Tom Irwin
Event Lead:  Bruce Hulshizer