GWH Board Update (April 2021)

We are thankful that, with the Lord’s help, we had our first on-site event of the year (twenty-two couples at the Couples Retreat plus about thirty on-line). Encouraged from the Couples Retreat, we are looking forward to Jubilee 2.0 this weekend. Not only that but summer is on the horizon and Memorial Day Weekend conference is only four weeks away! We hope to see you there! Summit Week for singles 16 and older and Alive for 10-16 year olds are shaping up. Girls and Boys Camp registrations are open. 

May we see our Father’s good hand of blessing in the months ahead. Perhaps the Lord would have you:

Various volunteer projects are planned for the month ahead including:

  • A young sister rallying saints to help with clean up of the cabins to be ready for summer
  • A crew of young saints renovating the ballfield house
  • Various volunteers helping with landscaping
  • A contractor renovating cottage 10 with donated funds
  • One assembly purchasing new pool filters, with another group of saints installing them
  • Saints from an assembly coming for a few days to retrofit the tennis and shuffleboard courts and finish/seal the swings and ga-ga court, among other things
  • Saints from another assembly coming to paint
  • A brother capable in plumbing improving sinks
  • Saints organizing and improving the activities storage areas

The quarterly financial report is available on our website at the bottom of the serve and give page. We are thankful for the Lord’s help with finances during this time.

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