GWH Board Update

Changes as we seek the Lord’s direction for Greenwood Hills

Through the current state of things in society, Greenwood Hills has had very little in the way of onsite activities and related income, and we anticipate this will be so for months ahead. In previous years we have only had a few rental retreats, and this reality is amplified this year. None of this has taken the sovereign Lord by surprise, and we have sensed through this His leading to scale back the operations of the ministry to function during fewer months of the year and thus moving away from having full-time employees. Though we intend to honor salaries for our current full-time employees through the end of the year as the Lord allows, the board communicated with these dear saints about this change to allow time for transition. Housing will be provided for a few months into 2021 for Martain Ferguson and Brian Wooler and families. Because Donna Hockman is near retirement age, we are asking the Lord to enable us to provide her housing for the foreseeable future. Please join us in praying for the Lord’s guiding and providing for these fellow-saints.

As we have prayed about the Lord’s desire for His work at and through Greenwood Hills in the years ahead, we are seeking to spread out efforts more among servant volunteers. Many saints have already been laboring in various ministries or in improving facilities or in administrative efforts. Though there is much to figure out  in the coming months, various board members will lead in organizing devoted saints who are willing to serve.  While the above-mentioned staff certainly have the liberty to seek the Lord’s mind about other areas of service or employment, we will rejoice if the Lord arranges that they continue to serve in the Greenwood Hills ministry in a new role. We thank the Lord for their many years of serving! We are also thankful for brother David Stewart’s labors over the last few years, and trust that the Lord will give grace as  a committee of board members takes on the general management of the camp. Please do pray for all these affected saints, even considering before the Lord ways of practically supporting them during this transition time.

We are thankful that there is already a wealth of saints doing much as servant volunteers. With the Lord’s provision, we hope to see this expand with wider involvement from believers who have an interest in applying their time, talents, and treasure to furthering work the Lord is doing through Greenwood Hills. Feel free to contact us at with ways in which you see the Lord may want you to sacrificially serve. May we seek the continued guidance and provision of our all-wise, gracious God as we strive together to see people believe the gospel (Phil. 1:27).


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