Health and Safety Update

Since 1931, Greenwood Hills has been “a great place to grow on vacation.”  The Health and Safety Committee’s mission is to provide a camp experience that prioritizes Christ’s preeminence and solid biblical teaching while promoting a healthy environment.

We have and will continue to develop recommendations for daily operations with regard to the health and safety of our guests.  We ask that each guest attend with the understanding that certain precautions will be established and that each must weigh their own risk tolerance in attendance of any camp or conference this summer.

We understand that there will be no perfect solutions that address every individual’s concern, even as we increase our standards of cleaning procedures and take appropriate steps to promote health and safety. The reality of a successful camp season depends on each of us taking reasonable steps to minimize the spread of any illness in a camp setting.  

We will communicate details at the beginning of each event and appreciate your understanding as guidelines are subject to change throughout the summer as needed.

Thank you, in advance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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