Serving & Giving

We hope you are encouraged as we are to consider how the Lord has led His faithful servants to selflessly labor throughout the past century. Please pray with us that this labor would continue at Greenwood with the Lord’s leadership until His return!

If you are willing and able to serve the Lord at Greenwood Hills this summer, please fill out a short form indicating your availability.

Complete the Servant Application

All saints serving before, during and after all events are volunteers serving as to the Lord. Would you prayerfully consider ministering to them financially? You may of course give a gift directly to a serving saint, or gifts to the volunteers can be placed in one of the ministry boxes in the Inn or Dining Room. If you want to minister to a specific volunteer, please specify that with your gift. No GWH board member or board member’s spouse will receive gifts through this process. Please also pray about joining in the Lord’s work here in some way yourself! Contact about opportunities.

New: Sign Up To Help With Turnover Days!

If you’d like to help the housekeeping crew with the work that needs to be done between events (cleaning rooms, doing laundry, and so on), check out this form:

Housekeeping Turnover Form

This form shows the tasks that need to be done, and allows you to claim one or more. If you have any questions, you can also contact Shannon Weaver using the link at the top of the page.

How Can I Serve?

Learn more about the current vision and needs at Greenwood

In this video, board members describe a new approach at Greenwood Hills, which includes the use of volunteers to carry on the work in many areas.

See the structure of the new service crews

To carry out this new vision, crews have been created, each under the leadership of a board member, that will take responsibility for different areas of service. The diagram below gives a high-level summary of the crew structure.

Flowchart showing the leadership structure of the service crews
Flowchart showing how the event lead administers the various crews

See the new structure described

On January 19, 2021, the board shared a presentation with representatives from interested assemblies. You can view the slides and recording of this presentation to learn about ways that you may be able to contribute to the ongoing work at GWH.

Join the Greenwood Facilities volunteer group

Wondering how you can use your time, talents, and energy? The Facilities group is always looking for volunteers to help maintain the grounds at Greenwood in a variety of ways.

Questions? Contact Creston Tate, the Facilities lead, by emailing or calling (717) 298-7850.

How Can I Give?

The work at Greenwood is carried out by volunteers, and the Lord provides through His saints for both one-time and recurring costs of running the camps and conferences. In an effort to make GWH programs affordable and available to all, registration fees only cover about half the cost operations; the remainder is funded by voluntary donations of individuals, families, and churches. If you’d like to be financially involved in the work at Greenwood, you can use the link below to give through Donorbox.

Donate through Donorbox

Give a one-time gift

You can specify a one-time gift in the amount of your choice, and if you like, you can specify what area you would like to donate to, including operating expenses, sponsoring a camper, or funding an ongoing project.

Set up a recurring monthly gift

Through Donorbox, you can also specify a donation to be given monthly. These are especially helpful for providing funds during offseason months when there is low or no income from registration, but bills must still be paid.

Help build for future generations

Providing gifts to this fund will allow GWH to generate a building fund to be used for such projects as a new recreation hall, new shower houses for the Family Cabins, building renovations and repairs to the Inn, Retreat Center, and Lodge, as well as other projects that will become necessary over time.

Give through Amazon

In addition to donations through Donorbox, there are several ways that you can contribute to the work at Greenwood as you shop on Amazon.

Amazon Wish List

GWH has a wish list set up for items that are needed on a regular basis, as well as items which would be helpful for the ministry here. Most of these items are not costly on their own, but the costs add up for us over time. If you’d like to contribute in this way, you can have items shipped directly to Greenwood Hills. Be sure to check back from time to time, as we will be updating the list as needs become known.

Amazon Smile Program

If you shop using Amazon Smile program (, and have selected Greenwood Hills as the donation recipient, Amazon donates a small percentage of all qualifying sales to Greenwood Hills.

All donations to Greenwood Hills, including material donations, are tax deductible.

Financial Report

View the GWH Financial Summary for 2021 Q1

Download the report